Vigilance Classes

We offer Vigilance Online history and English classes for grades K – 12.  These classes focus on reading great primary history sources and classic literature.  The students will interact with the material through guided readings where the instructors read a long and bring the material to life, engaging instructional movies, online discussion boards and writing exercises, direct feedback from the instructors and fun computer graphics interfaces.

Current Classes Available

Early U.S. History/The Hero’s Journey — Students will learn material from the early European roots to American Freedom to Colonization to the Founding and the Constitution to the Civil War.  Students will also learn to recognize through literature the Journey of a Hero and compare it to great individuals in history as well as their own life.  Students will read books like The Sword in the Stone, The Hobbit, and Treasure Island.

Ancient Values in a Modern World — Students will learn the beliefs and values of cultures of the ancient world including those of Egypt, Confucius, Buddha, Aristotle, Socrates, the Bhagavad Gita. Students will also study how the Medieval World set the stage for Modern Europe.  Students will read in Literature stories about people standing up for what they believe is right in a modern world — stories like To Kill a Mockingbird, The Hiding Place and The Chosen.

Classes offered in coming years
20th Century U.S. History and Modern European History

For more information contact Harmony Educational Services


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